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End of year survey - Thanks to those who took time to fill out suggestions
Between now and the start of the next hurricane season, you can expect to see:
A new website dedicated to hypothetical hurricane seasons, resumption of project updates, more site updates, new storm graphics, and more.

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Last Updated: 02:26, January 31, 2015

All times are in UTC (Time Zones)
Video Update #2 on Eunice now online
Video Update #1 on Ola now online

Active Storms (1)
Cyclone Eunice (S. Ind.)
Cyclone Ola (S. Pac.)

Force 13 is the home of tropical cyclone animations, providing world storm updates in the form of video and information on the website and on the YouTube channel.

The website is also one of the easiest places to access historical data with regards to storm totals by basin in the northern hemisphere, a record of every Atlantic storm and every Category 5 storm worldwide since 1960. The interactive section also hosts the year-round forecasting challenge, Predict-A-Season, where you can predict upcoming storm activity in the northern hemisphere.

Whilst the main aim is to provide tropical storm updates in a timely manner, this may not always be achievable due to the site being maintained by a one-man crew.

1,000,000 YouTube views was reached on Nov 12, 2014

2015 worldwide
2014: 80-45-27

Current storm totals (40mph - 74mph - 111mph) 2015
Atlantic: 0-0-0   E. Pac: 0-0-0   W. Pac: 1-1-0  N. Indian: 0-0-0
2014-15 S. Indian: 8-4-3       Australia: 0-0-0          S. Pacific: 2-0-0

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Control Room    Statistics

Active Storms (overview)

Cyclone Eunice
150mph    926mb
No warnings in effect

Cyclone Ola
45mph    993mb
No warnings in effect

How many storms will we see in 2015?

Predict-A-Season 2015 is now open